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I watched as Chinese citizens were herded into vans in Beijing. Most returned a few days later, many didn’t quit. The police chartered new vans and special trains. This time, many did not return. I don’t know the exact meaning of Falun Gong’s sacrifice; China’s future is unknown. But spare a moment today to think of the families who were left behind.

I’ll be speaking at Parliament today, 4pm, Committee Room 6, Committee Corridor, Palace of Westminster, MP Julian Huppert chairing.

Update: My talk was essentially the same one I gave at the CECC in Washington (see below, although I added a few tweaks designed to prick the conscience of the new UK government). Annie Yang spoke eloquently (as she always does; that’s a depiction of her son during her arrest in the picture below). Finally, my buddy Jaya Gibson has his prepared remarks on Internet freedom posted on his blog).

Written by eastofethan

July 20, 2010 at 9:02 am

Posted in China, Falun Gong

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