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CONGRESSMAN PITTS. “Madam Speaker, an article in last Monday’s Weekly Standard  reveals the systematic execution and harvesting of organs in China’s prisons.

The article provides firsthand accounts of the targeted elimination of religious prisoners, prisoners of conscience, and political opponents of the regime. Minorities, including Falun Gong, Uyghurs, House Christians, and Tibetans have been executed, followed by organ transplant surgeries—some being performed while the victims are still alive, numbering in the tens of  thousands.

Furthermore, foreign companies are already making investments to benefit off of the thriving organ transplant market. Pharmaceutical companies like Roche and Isotechnika Pharma have been involved in clinical drug testing of transplant patients. A British firm, TFP Ryder Healthcare, is proposing a medical facility that would include an organ transplant center. Before they follow suit, U.S. companies must understand the unethical climate that exists in China. And our State Department and the U.N. must treat these actions as an abuse of China’s international agreements and human rights of their own people.”

Links and emphasis added. See the full Congressional record here. And a big fat shout-out to Arne Schwarz’s seminal research on Western companies trying to profit off of Chinese genocide. And finally, don’t forget to vote!

UPDATE: Matthew Robertson has come through with something big (which could get much bigger depending on what the US consulate releases.

Written by eastofethan

December 10, 2011 at 11:24 am

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