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The Lamps Go Out

Tonight, we are travelling 72 miles above the American heartland into the region of space just beyond the earth’s envelope – to look at a nuclear weapons effect – essentially an accidental discovery in 1962 – come back to haunt us, half a century later.

Tonight, we’ll look at the possibility of a world with no America. In the second episode of this series, we’ll look at ways to escape that fate.


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Teaser for “The Lamps Go Out” 





Podcast Team:

Ethan Gutmann – Author/reporter

Gutmann Congress


Si Gross – Field production

Si Gross stick

  • Veteran photojournalist with an eye for investigative stories
  • Works closely with top international media outlets
  • Highly accomplished in editorial photography, illustration, sound design, video interviews, and satirical pop art
  • 1st class Fine Art degree from Univ. of Central Lancashire


Huw Olesker – Composer/Sound engineer



  • Presenter/Producer and head of international broadcasting at Soho Radio in London
  • Producer, engineer and composer for Back To The Phuture Radio Show on BBC 6
  • News Guide Award nominee for Best Solo Artist in late 2010
  • Widely recognized as a prodigy ukulele performer/songwriter at age 13 and signed by Turf Records


Benjamin Grundy – Podcast Editing and Mixing

Benjamin Grundy cropped


Normann Bjorvand – Promo editor

Normann Bjorvand

Photo by Kamil Janowski


Special thanks

To City Hall Records – particularly Josh, and Caroline – for the use of “Benjamin Bowmaneer” by the New Golden Ring on Folk Legacy Records, “Five Days Singing,” Volume 1



Select experts:

Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom

Lord Arbuthnot by Si Gross

Photo by Si Gross

  • Chairman of the UK Defence Select Committee from 2005 to 2014
  • Currently in the House of Lords
  • Member of Parliament for 28 years
  • Board of Advisers of the U.S. Electric Infrastructure Security Council


Cynthia Ayers

EMP Podcast photos

Photo by Si Gross

  • Consultant working with the Mission Command and Cyber Division of the Center for Strategic Leadership & Development, U.S. Army War College
  • Former vice President of EMPact America
  • Former liaison to the Director of Central Intelligence’s Counterterrorism Center
  • 38 years with the National Security Agency


Dr. George Baker

EMP Podcast photos

Photo by Si Gross

  • Professor Emeritus, James Madison University
  • Senior Advisor to the EMP Commission
  • Performed on-site assessments of 40 critical national security installations for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  • Extensive and highly influential publications on the science of electromagnetic pulse


Bruce Blair

EMP Podcast photos

Photo by Si Gross

  • Acclaimed expert on Strategic Command and Control
  • Co-founder of Global Zero, international movement for elimination of nuclear weapons
  • Former Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
  • Former Minuteman missile launch control officer


Brigadier General Ken Chrosniak

EMP Podcast photos

Photo by Si Gross

  • Senior Advisor to EMPact America
  • Former Chief of Staff of the Army Asymmetric Warfare Office
  • Commander in the the Battle of Abu Gharib
  • Served in Vietnam, Bosnia, Kuwait, and Iraq


Ambassador Henry “Hank” Cooper

EMP Podcast photos

Photo by Si Gross

  • Top expert on hardening avionics against electromagnetic pulse
  • Chairman of the Board, High Frontier
  • Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization during Bush Administration
  • Chief Negotiator at the Geneva Defense and Space Talks during Reagan Administration


Major General Robert Newman

EMP Podcast photos

Photo by Si Gross

  • Consultant specializing in infrastructure protection and emergency communications
  • Former Adjutant General of Virginia, National Guard
  • Former Vice Director of Operations and Logistics, US Joint Forces Command
  • Former Deputy Director of Homeland Security, National Guard


Dr. Peter Pry

EMP Podcast photos

Photo by Si Gross

  • Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security
  • Director of the United States Nuclear Strategy Forum
  • Author of five books on Electromagnetic pulse
  • CIA analyst during the Cold War


James Woolsey

James_Woolsey_2015 Wiki

Photo Wikimedia Common

  • Former CIA director
  • Veteran of four Presidential administrations
  • Former Under Secretary of the Navy
  • One of America’s top defense intellectuals




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